A study into historically recorded numbers

By Andrew David Jory

CHAPTER One – The Theory of Nine

In the middle of the last century Professor of Religious History, Dr. Alfred Jeremius, discovered extraordinary similarities between the ages attributed to the gods of Sumerian-Babylonian mythology and that of Jainism. For those of you unfamiliar with these two cultures the Sumerian-Babylonians lived around 3000 B.C. whilst Jainism sprung into action somewhere around 600 B.C. It could be said that the latter got its ideas and number mythology from the Sumerian’s, but this could hardly be true, as is quite the expanse of time - and in those civilizations left little behind due to conlficts with other 'tribes'. Nevertheless we should concern our-selves more with the actual numbers involved, as I believe for them to be so precisely carried throughout history, and not be totally corrupted, is very remarkable. So what do these numbers represent, what great meaning do impart so as to be carried through the ages.

Let us begin by comparing the two:

From Jainism: - - - - - From Sumerian:

Anu = 4,320

Enlil = 3,600 - - - - - - kali Yuga = 360,000

Ea = 2,880 - - - - - - Deva Yuga = 288,000<

Sin = 2,160 - - - - - - Treta Yuga = 216,000

Adad = 432 - - -- - - - - Maha Yuga = 4,320,000 >

So what is so special about these similar but rather uninspiring numbers you ask?.. Let us take away what must have been embellishments added by the Jains, in other words the conversion of precisely the same numbers into hundreds of thousands. The Jains come from India, (just thought I would mention this fact for the uninformed), where many sacred texts not only detail encounters with other civilisatin, but also diagrams of what could be interpretted as 'flying saucers', appear in those same texts, also Buddha was eith er inside bell shaped stone recepticals on their Monastries - or was next to them...

But what is so special about the numbers, why should we particularly care about them? - perhaps there is more to the story - and we ourselves have been caught up into - but ultimately benefit from these ideas and the information they contain!. I strongly believe they are intended by design to increase our interest in mathematics and that they understood mathematics to be a universal language that any socially advanced civilisation could use to communicate ideas and by proxy assist in technological engineering and thought.

So as not to corrupt this data the 'wise' men or 'priests' would then incorporate the 'holy' numbers into a creative god-myth hybrid and by doing this they impart an idea, into a belief system, so as to 'protect' the maths and advances of thousands of years, so that intelletucals may see them for what they are and incorporate them into their own work adn viala - it springs to life, adn the world advances again. It dawned on me early Monday morning the 19th of June 2000 that Dr. Jeremius was on the brink of what I believe to be an extremely important discovery (more so than the actual similarity between the numbers). The key to the original creator’s intention. It is really quite simple; all you need do is add the individual digits (this does not include zeros).

Enlil (or Kali Yuga)= 3+6 = 9

Ea (or Deva Yuga)= 2+8+8 = 18 (2x9 or 1+8=9)

Sin (or Treta Yuga)= 2+1+6 = 9

Dvapara Yuga = 1+4+4 = 9

Adad (or Maha Yuga)= 4+3+2 = 9

(I have not included the digits of Sama because I believe them to a a corruption - resolved thousands of years later by the Dvapara Yuga 144.

Why did the ancient peoples of Earth find the number nine that special to create whole belief systems around it. As any good investigator would tell

You,’keep on searching and the truth will present itelsef', so I did and I realised that the number nine is no ordinary number, as most shcool children learn doing their times tables.

When multiplied you 'may' see what I am on about

1 times 9 =9

2 times 9 =18 (1+8=9)

3 times 9 =27 (2+7=9)

4 times 9 =36 (3+6=9)

5 times 9 =45 (4+5=9)

6 times 9 =54 (5+4=9)

7 times 9 =63 (6+3=9)

8 times 9 =72 (7+2=9)

9 times 9 =81 (8+1=9)

So by adding the digits the multiplication of 9 we come to the conclusion that the number 9 is back once more.... No other numbers have this continuing effect and for societies that strongly believe that reincarnation is a reality, could it be that they saw in the number 9 a numeric version of the immortality of the 'soul' or 'karma' and wished to implant this knowledge into their belief systems so that heathen races that may overtake their culture would not understand or totally corrupt their beliefs, as would surely happen.

We are told that “0” (zero) or the circle stands for infinity, as in Chinese examples or the dragon eating its tail, or for the Mayans it was a snake eating itself. As representative of an eternal existence of matter. If “0” is infinity, then the number nine surely represents re-birth via multiplication.

Is this part, or the whole of this mysterious number? did the ancients truely hold birth as the most divine and meaningful part of their existence? In my opinoin it would be quite feasible, we forget sometimes with our technological 'Wireless' Generations just how special the act of birth was to our ancient ancestors. The most important part of any man or women’s life is to produce offspring, so why not then impart in it certain knowledge to provide mystery and for some revelation. I see only the male part of our species wanting to make everything a secret, to elevate himself above his neighbours and control the world around him. ˜We must not end our search here though, for one answer is not necessarily the only solution available. Where else can the number nine be found?

The earth circles the sun in a 360 degree orbit, (3+6=9). For anyone familiar with the procession equinox it takes the sun 72 years (7+2=9) to migrate just one degree along the elliptic. Hipparchus (100 B.C.) the Greek Astronomer, proposed a value of 45 (4+5=9) seconds of arc for one year of processional motion. Maybe I am grabbing at hairs, but perhaps there is more to meet the eye than just coincidence, as detectives we must first gather all the evidence and only then should a final assumption be made.

Take for example the “temple of inscriptions” at the Mayan site of Palanque, it has 9 giant 'steps' or tiers comprising it's body, and inside the Temple can be found the sarcophagus of the Lord Pacal, ruler of Palanque.

A bas-relief on the sarcophagus lid reveals what looks remarkably like an astronaut taking off in what appears to be a space craft. So not only does the number nine repeat itself throughout ancient civilisations all over the globe but the number is almost always accompanied by tales of Godlike travellers who have come from the stars to further enlighten humanity through agriculture, engineering, mathematics and astronomy. If we look at our solar system and count how many planets there are all told what do we find?....that’s right, nine planets. In certain ancient texts called the 'quadriga solis', speaks about a four horsed chariot with winged steeds, this originates in Iranian folklore as well as in the texts of the Avesta, in these texts the heavenly chariot and its drivers are praised in the following poem.

(Yasna, chapter 57, verse 27).







As you can see we have another tale about what seems to be some sort of space travel, but where are the numbers, apart from the four steeds there is nothing even resembling a nine. Of course if this time we only count the lines of the poem, we come to our 'secret nine'. Also the poem itself speaks of 'four horse men', these horse men I believe represent the four cardinal points. IE, North, east, south, west. (Update: reading the text it states, “Four steeds” and then states “White, Bright, Shining” which could be = west, east, south” entailing that the new comers come from the north. Which for India would be the Himalayas, certainly a very inhospitable place where one could live unseen.

Even our own English version of the cardinal points are encoded with the number nine, in fact the letters equal 18, which is 2x9, or 1+8 = 9.

For example, north(5) + east (4) + south (5) + west (5) = 5+4+5+4 = 18.

Let us turn now to the Jewish bible for a moment, for there are still more nines out there to be re-discovered and brought to light once more. Here we find stories of a man named Enoch, the ancient Jewish tales describe him as 'a king over men', who ruled for '243 years'... that’s an odd number! .... and Christians tend to take it at face value. But remember the detective inside you? 2+4+3 = 9 . So here we have another ancient tale concerning the 'secret nine. Read Enoch's tales in the King James bible, as he has some interesting stories...

But Enochs legend does not end there, according to the geographer and historian Taki al-Makrizi who lived between 1364-1442, Enoch was the builder of the pyramids of Giza, that he was a prophet, a king, a wise man who brought civilisation to the men of Earth. In Mr. al-Makrizi's work entitled 'Hitat' he mentions that "Enoch read in the stars that a great flood was coming and that he ordained the pyramids to be built and in them would be hidden 'treasures, texts and scripts, and anything which might otherwise be lost, so that they might be preserved". So here we have a mention of the Pyramids of Giza, which on the face of this records "contain" scrolls etc. but more likely he was relaying infromation handed down to him, and as we know now the Giza Pyramids 'are' the information being handed down and are quite capable of lasting many more thousnads of years....

In Genesis 5:21-4 it states

'and Enoch walked with god: and he was not (on earth - any-more); for god took him'.

In other words according to the Hebrew Bible Enoch left with his friendly space travellers never to return. It is here that I should also mention that the Hebrew word Enoch means 'the initiate' or 'the insightful one'. We can thank Enoch for his being an astute writer; other wise the 'secret nine' given to him by his aerial travelling friends might have been lost. In fact I Enoch does not fit the pretty picture the Catholic Chruch have carved out of the Bible. Evidence of this lies in the fact that the Bible we have today is only part of the original 'whole', if it could be called that.

CHAPTER Two – The Great Church Upheaval

For there are many texts by different writers who had access to an assortment of ancient books. The result of their studies are what are called the 'Apocryphal texts'. The Catholic Church fathers could just not get their heads around theories such as space travel, it must have seemed to them the impossible rantings of mad men, in contrary to what ealry Christian Apostles had been teaching and a starke contrast to the Christian mode of belief. This is probably the reason Enoch only makes it into just five phrases in the church approved bible. Here we have the classic flood story, which instead of telling us about Enoch, tells of a man called Noah. Noah like Enoch had been warned by a 'heavenly angel' or 'traveller', who must have been exploring vast areas of Earth and its solar systems to know of what was to come.
As we read from the Bible we find Noah is instructed to build a giant log ship capable of surviving a global flood.

Geologists mainly agree that by around 8000 B.C. the Great Wisconsin and Wurm icecaps retreated and 'The Ice Age' as we call it was over. The 7000 years before 8000 B.C. experienced geological and climatic upheaval on a Global scale that is practically unimaginable to modern man, let alone our predecessors. Moving from cataclysm to disaster and misfortune to calamity, the few scattered groups of survivors must have led lives of extreme hardship and turmoil. There would have been times of near stability when they would have thought that the worst was over. Whilst the melting of the enormous glaciers continued, however, these periods of near stability would have been interrupted over and over again by turbulent floods and further upheaval of their culture. The bulk of animal extinctions took place between 11000 B.C. and '9'000 B.C. when there were extreme fluctuations of climate.

In the words of geologist John Imbrie, 'a climatic revolution took place around 11000 years ago.' There was also an abrupt temperature increase of 6-10 degrees centigrade in the surface waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Another violent episode, again accompanied by mass extinctions took place even earlier at around 15000 B.C. and 13000BC. At round 15000BC we find that a dramatic and prolonged thaw started, completely de-glaciating millions of square miles of North America and Europe in less than 2000 years. There is one last strange encounter for us to here about. Alaska the Yukon Territory in Canada, and most of Siberia including the New Siberian Islands (still among the coldest parts of the world), remained free from glacial flow until the Ice Age was near its end. They acquired their present climate only around 10,000 years ago, apparently very abruptly, when the mammoths and other large mammals were frozen in their tracks, literally frozen whilst eating lunch consisting of buttercups.....

Other parts of the world however were different, most of Europe was under ice twomiles thick and the total ice volume covering the Northern Hemisphere measured in the vicinity of 6,000,000 cubic miles; of course the Southern Hemisphere was also badly glaciated.

There should be no doubt that civilisations could have come and gone with their descendants knowing of them only through bedtime stories and 'myth-religion' designed to shock children from an early age into being 'ready for anything', we still do this today through movies and songs about destrution, almost as though it is in our DNA. These stories, as I have already said without trying to repeat myself, often include encoded numbers typically decreasing as the story continues, until you find the core digits repeating the same sequence over and over again. This is the key, this is the message that our ancestors from prehistory are imparting to us.

As Henry Ford once said 'all history is bunk'. In other words the historians are rather reluctant it seems to change the history booksand only after indisputable evidence can be supplied, and the historians themselves are accused of being ignorant, will the necessary changes to our 'official earth/human history' be made. Such an example can be found in the text books of pre-1987 that state that when the white man came to North America and Australia to settle, villages of indians/aborigines were nowhere to be seen, this of course has been proved devastatingly inaccurate to the point of sheer cover-up. Only after irrefutable evidence (mass graves and remnants of the villages), and the abhorrent way the Aborigines and Indians were stripped from 'their' land and sold into slavery, did the government sanction new history books. Still, to my understanding of the way our trusted peers operate, we can shed little light into prehistory, unless it conforms to the accepted standard.

To have a radical new idea it seems is not being creative, instead you are looked down upon as being deluded, or just terribly mis-informed. I feel sorry for Einstein, for when he would talk about his theories - which he could not prove at the time - it was only a select few people who could understand his work and take it seriously, and no I am not comparing my self to the greatest man who ever lived. But I would for a moment I would like you to look outside of our planet to the heavens so described in all ancient civilisations and ponder whether we have been left with ideas designed as constructs to “engage” a primitive DNA setting or “memory” designed to kick start our mental evolution through maths, engineering, art, sciences etc...

Early astronomers used the stars and planets to ensure the planting of crops and the start of religious ceremonies took place at the correct times. Also man's natural curiosity no doubt played a large part in this for through stories of 'eyewitnesses' written down in various places, be they in stone relief, animal hides or papyrus, we find that early man scoured the skies looking for these 'Gods' they had heard about. As these stories talked about the 'Gods' residing above the earth, we naturally wanted a glimpse of them. Unfortunately for these scholars the so called 'Gods' or 'Creators' were long gone. Only the ancient stories and religions are what we have left of these super-visitors.

Chapter 3 – Back to Basics.

So what was it that the ancient astronomers discovered?... Not heaven, not god, but an infinite amount of stars. Deeper studies into ancient secrets does not mean you necessarily have to look deep. Whilst re-examining the pyramids of Giza, and its ground plan I thought a little counting to be in order. From aerial photos of the Giza necropolis, the most prominent aspect is the three main pyramids, next to these I realised are a total of six 'satellite' pyramids. Once again our 'secret nine' is back and a newly discovered door or possible chamber inside a shaft in the Queen's chamber could hold more answers to what further can the Giza complex infer.

Egyptologists would have us believe the whole 'necropolis of Giza' to be a random undertaking, there is no pattern, or plan except in a design point of view. If the pyramids were built of a 'random' design, why would its architects put them in such 'ordered' positions, with astronomical and west facing sphinx (which incidentally is now considered about 6 000 years older than it is thought of today).

Of course the 'Egyptologists' have solved this problem by suggesting that the Pharaohs were to be entombed there and wanted to be closer to their predecessors. Despite no mummies ever being found inside the two largest pyramids, which of design and magnitude are far superior to the third pyramid, or there being no reference in either text or relief of Pharaohs being entombed there. Or the fact that for thousands of years the entrance to the pyramids were blocked, preventing thieves from stealing the contents. 'Egyptologists'stubbornly refuse to admit that there theories could be misconstrued.

What many I feel is that: because of the sheet amount of time to build the pyramids, the original idea's behind the plans for the site either must have been handed down from priest to priest through the generations required to build the pyramid's.

Or, to 'ensure' that later generations would not change the plans they purposely did not hand down the correct reason for their construction, and only the end result.

It is apparently 'true' that mummies were found inside the 'satellite' pyramids, although they could have been interred at some later stage 'after' construction, as they were not in such well made coffins as the great Pharaohs we have heard of as school children, but no, they are cheaply interred and seem to have been “stuffed” into the cavities of these satellites [almost as though to prove the intent of them being nothing more than 'graves'. Also they are not as advanced, technically, as the three main pyramids. Thus, leaving them open to the thieves and vandals.

A small group of people could easily pull these pyramids down, because of the rather comparatively small sandstone blocks used in their construction, so I do not believe for one second these satellite pyramids were meant as tombs. No, let us look else-where.

Despite the 'supposedly' recent age attributed to the three main pyramids tests have proved them to be several hundred if not thousands of years older than current belief. Most intelligent archaeologists accept the fact that there must be more artefacts hidden inside the pyramids, and acorss the Giza necropolis - which aerial photos show to still contain vast areas of unvovered ancient ruins. As for the plans I mentioned earlier it is always possible that they were lost when the Romans left the library of Alexander in Egypt to burn whilst they fought her enemies encroaching their shores [as history would tell us].

But - to save myself from recounting information Graham hancock and others propose I will bring you back to the Earth for a minute. I have found more of our 'secret nines' encoded in our planets axis, this is of a natural inclination as with the nine months of pregnancy, and depends on our use of 360' (3+6=9) to describe the earth’s circumference. The present 23.4'(2+3+4=9) inclination of the earth’s axis to the ecliptic is not fixed, and, for the last few hundred centuries has been increasing slightly. Much to the dismay of our 'secret nine' theories. All is not lost though, as an intensely mathematical treatment of the unpredictable changes of the dynamical ellipticity of the earth is given by Laskan, Joutel and Boudin in the 'Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics', NA270, pg. 522-533 (1993).

From their findings the apparent limits of the obliquity are 22' to 24.5', though these values are far from certain and rely on several ice ages to create enough pressure to cause the changes. So, we are safe for now in our present 23.4' inclination. Perhaps it is possible that these ancient 'wise men' or 'gods' calculated when the present inclination would appear and chose to incorporate the 'secret nine' all over the place, in order for later generations to discover/use and benefit from them. Human curiosity it seems is the metaphorical hand that turns 'the key'.

Speaking of obliquity and the Earth’s circumference I will now give the amount of years it takes for the earth to wobble form its current position and go full circle back again. Through what is called the precession of the equinox. That is, 25 920 years. Another look at this figure will reveal 2+5+9+2 = 18, which itself is 2 times 9 or even 1+8 = 9. Yes we are back again to our good old friend the 'secret nine', the ancients were aware of the Precession of the Equinox", was it they who first imparted the 'secret nine' for us to see, or is it to continue on down the ages unmolested by mans abillity to ruin a good thing? I have triple checked thefigures used in this study and have found them to be corroborated in many different journals - look for yourself.

To accompany my inclusion of the Pyramids of Giza to our 'Secret nine' mystery, I will include an interesting exaltation of Ra/Osiris;

Life to thee,O thou who art over the darkness!

Life to thee in all thy majesty!

Life to thee O governor of Amentet, Osiris....hail to Osiris,

Lord of the living, that is to say, of the gods who are with Osiris, and who came into being with him the First Time.' Ibid, pg 276

This poem is included in a story where Ra/Osiris is at the 'Face of the Great Horn', which 'stretches back behind him all the way to earth', he turns and 'his hands seal up the duat'. Sounds strange to us, it probably sounded even stranger to local nomads at the first time of its remarkable telling. To me this sounds like some garbled description of either a space ship door being 'sealed' to prevent precious oxygen escaping or, a space-time corridor being closed.

CHAPTER 4 – Deep Space 9/P>

Ra/Osiris, a man who ancient legends say came from above and was 'a man/god who taught Egypt agriculture and other technologically advanced things', would have made him seem like a god to the people of the time.

The Ra/Osiris story makes it read like Osiris closed a porthole in space which possibly led from the earth to a space station or ship. What we have here is possibly one of the first ever eyewitness accounts of some kind of teleportation or use of wormhole technology to travel through space/time!

Take a little time to read the bible; it is reads like one of the oldest Alien encounter stories our church allows. Take no heed of the churches remarks, especially when concerning Ezekiel. As no doubt the church leaders ofthe time, and even today, consider this remarkable tale of ‘U.F.O’s’ to be the writings of delusion. I suppose according to them the newspaper reports in 1960's of man landing on the moon is a fantasy concocted by lunatics.

Whilst reading about Osiris another name pops up, Amentet. Amentet is always referred to as 'the hidden circle of Amentet'. Hidden?, Osiris is spoken of as the 'Governor' of this Amentet, sounds interesting to me. The poem too has encoded our 'hidden nine', and is associated with stories of space phenomenon. Coincidence?, we shall see. Osiris was murdered in the twentieth year of his reign. His murderers were 72 in total (7+2=9). It is here through my studies that I discover the number nine according to the ancient Egyptians represents 'multiple rebirths' see pg 512 of the 'Phoenix Solution'.

6 represents the Earth.

7 represents the 'god' Seth.

8 represents the 'god' Osiris

And 9 represents rebirth.

These numbers 'according to Egyptologists also coincide with certain planets i.e. 7 is planet Seth

8 is planet Osiris

Indeed the fact that three 18.6 year cycles of the moon approximate to 56 and 56 according to certain texts to an explosive encounter (multiplication) between the 7 of planet Seth and the 8 of planet Osiris.

The number 28 (half of 56) seems to have certain significance to the ancient Egyptians. According to some legends the 'Earth/goddess Nepthys was represented by the number 28. If you are wondering where I am going with this, remember, Osiris was murdered in the 28th year of his reign, and his murderers were '72' in total, or our 'secret nine' or even perhaps could be called 'the initiated ones'.

My study into the secret of 'nine' will lead us off the beaten track for a moment, to look into the 'mound of creation', where Egyptologists say the Great pyramids now rest, because of a slight rise in the ground where the main pyramid stands. The main pyramid is attributed by Egyptologists to 'Cheops or Khufu', despite no evidence to support this, except for a few pots laying scattered around its perimeter, and a poor attempt at forgery in the queens chamber and an obviously added Stella at the foot of the sphinx.

The 'mound of creation', which is called a 'mastaba' and is depicted in lots of ancient texts and bas relief’s as a resting place for their early kings and nobility. By loading tons of rubble on top of their king you end up with the 'mound of creation', which is also associated with rebirth mythology. Which as I mentioned before is represented by the number nine. Something interesting about the Giza Plateu is that it lays on a 'lay line' - which is a geological anomaly accepted in todays science as being a world wide phenomenon where the rising sun creates a large static charge along a particulay 'line', the Chinese were well aware of this event 3,00 yrs ago and commoners were not allowed to be buried ona 'lay line'. Interesting, no commoners to be buried on a 'lay line', could it be the Chinese knew something that the Egyptians also knew? - could it be possible that if you are buried in a certain way on a 'lay line' that you have a greater chance of being re-incarnated?

Readers should note that forensic tests done on 4000 year old mummies detected large amounts of nicotine and smaller amounts of cocaine and marijuana in their systems. Cocaine and tobacco originates in South America and marijuana originated in china. The South American aspect of this discovery, (which incidentally is being corrupted by the Egyptologists frantic attempts to attribute the findings to native extinct plants), is very important, as it proves that early man had conquered sea travel long before the Phoneceans and Vikings. 'This is not true', say the Egyptologists, we had never travelled to America because there is no 'proof'. Here we have a classic example of picking and choosing from the available proovable evidence at hand, though scientists 'proved' that early Egyptians were using cocaine and tobacco, the Egyptians cry foul and yet when the flimsiest evidence concerning exticnt psychoactive plants possibly could be attributed to the Ancient Egyptians using cocaine such evidence is believed to be fact. Anyway, there is evidence that early Egyptians mastered the sea and probably traded with the early South Americans thus sharing common traits shown in their use of pyramids, bas relifes, beliefs etc...

Australian aboriginal mythology says that the 'Gods came down from the 'heavens' and created man to take care of the earth, and left Australia in the hands of the aborigines 'to keep Australia untiled by man until we come back'. We are in serious trouble if they do come back!... After the most recent ice age Australia would have looked very different, most of the inland was flooded, leaving Eyre's rock sticking out of nowhere. In-fact from high above the earth Australia could be representative of the Egyptian hieroglyph of a circle with a dot in it, an Ancient Egyptian Heiroglyph which incidentally has not been correctly deciphered, until now.

Let us say for argument sakes, that the most ancient world of places like the “Atlantic” existed in reality, and that Australia was the original 'garden of Eden/Atlantic' where the first of humanity enjoyed the warm weather and delicious fruits that were in abundance. Then something went wrong, people created in 'his' image were runnign amok, so the creator felt responsible enough for some of our actions that he/she took away our ability to 'see far beyond our eyes capability', a reference I believe that means the creator took away our sixth sense, our ability to communicate telepathically, thus leaving man isolated, ignorant and suspicious of his neighbour.

The 'sixth sense' can also be a reference to the 'Chakra' or 'Third Eye' – which some religious and scientific researchers and practitioners believe gives us the power to 'see' beyond what the normal eyes can.

The bible sheds some light on the matter in the story of Adam and eve, the first two (genetically produced) human beings. It says that 'the creator' was angry with Adam and eve for tasting the forbidden fruit, and for punishment kicked them out of Eden. Not only was Adam kicked out of Eden but, he was apparently given a remarkable gift from the angel/alien Raziel (who must have felt bad for our kind) for the hebrew Bible says = 'Thy children also, who come after thee, down to the very last of the race, will know from this book what will happen month upon month, and what will happen between day and night; to each one will be known... whether misfortune or hunger will afflict him, whether corn will be plenty or scarce, whether there will be rain or drought'.

What an amazing book for not only did it contain everything worth knowing but also foretold all that would happen in the future. The angel/alien Raziel assured Adam that he would find in it everything which 'will happen unto thee until the day that thou diest'. After the angel/alien Raziel had given the book/information to Adam, and even read to him from it, something even more incredible happened.

'And at the hour that Adam received the book, a fire went up upon the bank of the river , and the angel rose in the flames up to heaven. Then Adam knew that the messenger was an angel of god, and that the book was sent him from the holy King. And he preserved it in holiness and purity'.

Even specific details of the fantastic book's contents are noted. 'Inthe book were engraved the higher signs of holy wisdom, and two-and seventy (2+7=9) kinds of knowledge were contained therein, which divided into 670 signs of the highest mysteries . Also 1,500 keys, such as are not entrusted to the holy ones of the higher world, were concealed within the book'.(670 X 9 = 6030 or 6+3=9 ALSO 1,500 X 9 = 13500 or 1+3+5=9)

Old father Adam read the book diligently, for it alone gave him the power to name every object and animal. But when he transgressed, the book 'flew out of his hands'. Adam cried bitterly and walked up to his neck into the waters of a river. As his body became bloated and spongy, the lord/alien had ,mercy. He commanded the archangel Raphael to descend to Adam and return the wonderful book. It seems that although we were kicked out of Eden, the 'the creator' did not want Adam to wonder aimlessly throughout the wilderness, so he gave him what sounds to me like a very advanced computer like device. No doubt they spent some time teaching Adam how to use it as well. All this would have sounded ludicrous to the scholars deciphering the texts into their native tongue, and no-doubt this is why the story never made it into the King James Bible. To them it would have been sacrilegious, not to mention dangerous to involve 'Adam', gods own image, in what they thought of as 'witch craft'.

Then we have those that say, 'the bible stories are not to be taken literally', and 'you must read into the deeper meaning of what is written'. Such people will never be convinced of Extraterestrial Visitors in the bible age, there is no physical evidence to suggest aliens visited theearth.

Despite various anomalies, like the technology used to build the Great Pyramids of Giza or the unknown power that over turned a 2000 ton sculpture in South America (it is actually upside down, next to where it was quarried). Despite the fact that 'eyewitnesses' have left descriptions in written texts throughout the world, despite an 'unknown technology' used by ancient man. I could write all day about rock paintings, artefacts and written texts which confirm to the 'educated', 'free thinker', a person with no bias towards Christianity or history, that aliens once visited early man and left knowledge of their existence in the form of mathematical equations.

To be uncovered by later civilisations capable of understanding the messages sent. There is, of course, a lot of speculation and guess work involved in this process. Mr. Graham Hancock has done an extremely in-depth analysis of the structures in the Giza necropolis and also pyramids and other ancient structures in South America. Not to mention the under water explorations around the globe.

But do not let me keep you from your every day life, if anything the “Sacred Nine” is all around us, it permeates everything we do whether we want to accept its benevolent existence or not.

Who are we to believe we have all the answers, not me, I only have more questions now than when I started this project.... Take Care....