b>Please enjoy some videos I have obtained through various means over the years, Jim Morrison was a great role model for me when I was young, for better or worse I thank God for the decisions I made which have ended in my Beatiful Girls Erin and Caitlin, both of whom give great happiness to myself and my lovely wife Schnelle. ENJOY!.
Poetry by Jim at the end



The Doors







"Fear the lords who are secret amoung us. The lords are within us. Born of sloth and cowardice."



We are content with the 'given' in sensations quest.

We have been metamorphosised from a mad body dancing

on the hillsides to a pair of eyes staring in the dark.



"The Artists of hell set up eisels in parks the terrible landscape,

where citizens find anxious pleasure preyed upon by savage bands of youths."



 Cancer city urban fall

Summer sadness

The highways of the old town

Ghosts in cars

Electric shadows



The poetry on this page was written by James (Jim) Douglas Morrison.

Born = December the 8th 1943

Died = July 3rd 1971

James Douglas Morrison Born December 8, 1943, Melbourne, Florida
was found dead in the bathtub at approximately 5:00 am on July 3, 1971

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