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From the left is Brian (mums husband, Mum (Andrews), Schnelle (Andrews Fiance'), Valerie (Schnelles Mum) and Frank (Valeries husband)

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Here we are with Tyler, Schnelle, Pete (Pops) and Jamie

Here's Tyler with Jamie's wife Bek

Starting from the left is my Brother Mark, his wife Bromwyn, my Fiancee Schnelle and myself (Andrew). We are obviously all in hospital visiting Bromwyn after she has had her first child.

Here's Schnelle holding Serena, who is new to my Brother Mark and his wife Bromwyn's family.

Here's Isiah, my Brother Mark and his wife Bromwyn's son.

Here's Shayla, my Brother Mark and his wife Bromwyn's first daughter.

On our first real holiday together we went to Arno Bay to see Schnelles brother and his wife Bek. Starting from the left is Jamie, his wife Bek, their dog Brodie, my Fiancee Schnelle and me (Andrew).

Ahhh, the beaches at Arno Bay are pristine, the boys spend most of their time either surfing or fishing. Arno Bay is primarily a one horse town, surviving thru tourism and the surrounding farmers. Although over the last ten years or so the fishing industry in South Australia has reckognised the unique waters of Port Lincoln and the surrounding areas such as Arno Bay and has tapped into that resource like never before. What this means for Arno Bay, where twenty years ago you could buy a shack for $10-30,000, is that now you can only buy one if

1) Some one dies without a will and his shack goes up for sale, or

2) Some one decides enough is enough and wants to sell.

Jamie and Bek no longer live in Arno but is really nice there. dollars.

Here is a view of Port Lincoln from whats known as Windy Point, (the highest point over looking Port Lincoln). You can see from here what is so attractive about the place, such as pristine waters, a great harbour for the trawlers and large commercial grain ships. Those massive white towers that you can see are grain silos, there is also a train track to carry the grain interstate.

And now for something completely different

This is our dog Patches, as you can see he is full of character. Patch, or Patrick (after St Patrick) is about 10-11 years young and sleeps most of the time. But, when he wakes up watch out, he's like a whirlwind when he gets movin, and, seeing that we have stained floor boards it can become quite comical.

When he's not scamming for food Patches is trying to win the top position in the pack by usiing his mind control techniques.

This is our engagement cake, a present from Schnelles Mum and Frank, quite delicious

Well thanks for coming, we hope you now have an idea of what we have been doing in our holidays (which are non-existant). Take it easy and we'll see you later. (Note: this page was put together sometime in 2005, to see what we have been doing lately please go back to the main page - link below)

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