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...The Schnelle and Andrew pre-Marriage page...

From the left is Brian Fanshaw, Lynda Fanshaw (Andrew and Mark Jory's mother), Schnelle Crawford, Valerie Busutill (Schnelle's Mother) and Frank Busutill (Valeries husband). We are in a park to the side of the botanical Gardens in Adelaide CBD - South Australia. The year more than likely being 2005

Starting from the left is my Mark Jory, his wife Bromwyn, Schnelle and Andrew. We are n hospital visiting Bromwyn after she has had her first baby named Shayla. There would be 3 more children to come for the Mark and Bromwyn Jory, Isaiah, Serena and Matthew. (Marks first Daughter Ruth, by his girlfriend Sarah is not pictured.

On our first real holiday together Schnelle and Andrew went to Arno Bay to see Schnelles brother Jamie Crawford and his wife Bek. Starting from the left is Jamie, Bek, their dog Brodie, Schnelle and Andrew.

Near Port Lincoln (on the way there from Adelaide are the beaches at Arno Bay, which are pristine, locals spend most of their time either surfing or fishing (or visiting the only pub in town). Arno Bay is primarily a one horse town, surviving through tourism and surrounding farmers (Tuna farmers). Although over the last ten years or so the fishing industry in South Australia has reckognised the unique waters of Port Lincoln and the surrounding areas such as Arno Bay and has tapped into that resource like never before, at this point in time they had yet to really restrict dreding for scallops and fishing too close to the shores. The fishing around the Southern penninsula is arguably some of the best in the world. Jamie and Bek no longer live in Arno but it is really nice there if you ever plan a trip to part of the planet. Link

Here is a view of Port Lincoln from whats known as Windy Point, (the highest point over looking Port Lincoln). You can see from here what is so attractive about the place, such as pristine waters, a great harbour for the trawlers and large commercial grain ships. Those massive white towers that you can see are grain silos, there is also a train track to carry the grain interstate.

This is our engagement cake, a present from Schnelles Mum and Frank, quite delicious, we had our engagement party at the Maltese Club - Address: 6 Jeanes St, Beverley South Australia.Link

We hope you now have an idea of what we did in our pre-marriage days, lots of work at the Glenelg Community Hospital where Schnelle was the Head Chef and I was the Head of Maintenance. Trips to Port Lincoln to see her familly and just enjoying life. We both eventually left working in the Hosptial - I would goon to work in IT for the Government of South Australia and Schnelle would become a mother (the hardest job of all).

....and now for something completely different....
This Andrew's dog Patches, as you can see full of character. Here he is about 14 years old and slept most of the time. But, when awoken up watch out, like a whirlwind when he got movin, Patches would be sliding all down the corridors of Jory house, quite comical... Andrew purchased patches in 1993 for $50 off an elderly man down Port road who couldnt look after him any more, at the time Patches was claimed to be 8 months, when Andrew left, with a couple of mates who went with him, Patches just walked out the old mans house and jumped into the car with the lads, to begin a life as one of the boys... from then on hPatches would Andrews constant companion until Patches died aged 17-18, in 2011

When he's was not scamming for food Patches would trying to win the top position in the pack by using his mind control techniques.